Fill-Rite ¾" Automatic Diesel Spout Nozzle (Green)


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Fill-Rite's automatic fuel transfer nozzles feature heavy-duty construction and come in a variety of gasoline, diesel, and cold weather options.

The N075DAU10 is a ¾" automatic shutoff nozzle designed for fuel transfer. This model is equipped with a 15/16" gasoline sized spout and a green jacket, ideal for diesel or diesel applications.

Cast-Aluminum Construction – engineered with rugged cast-aluminum construction, built to last through the most demanding applications
Easy to Use – included spout spring on automatic nozzles ensure optimal nozzle placement each time you fill, eliminating opportunity for damage
Adjustable Latching – three separate latch positions on automatic nozzles allow you to quickly and easily tailor flow rates for different equipment
Automatic Shut-Off – automatic shut-off reduces mess by preventing overfilling and spilling, keeping you safe and efficient
Multiple Configurations – available in a variety of configurations to meet your application’s temperature, flow, and fluid compatibility requirements

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