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  • PetsPick® Red Cedar Pet Bedding

    American Wood Fibers

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    Good for your pet. Good for the planet.

    Our soft wood fiber bedding is made using sustainable practices with zero chemical additives.

    • Soft and cozy all-natural bedding keeps your pet comfortable
    • 99.9% dust-free to maintain a safe and clean home for your pet
    • Ideal for a wide range of pets including hamsters, lizards, birds and even horses


    Red Cedar Bedding

    Kiln-Dried Virgin Cedar Wood Shavings

    Eco-friendly, Clean & Soft

    • Cozy, all-natural cedar wood shavings made from virgin fibers
    • Highly aromatic to keep your animal’s home smelling great
    • Ideal for stables, dog runs, dog houses and kennels
    • Natural cedar scent helps to repels bugs naturally

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