Bayer Patriot™ Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag


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Patriot™ Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags are for use with both beef and non-lactating dairy cattle for the control of horn flies and other pests listed on the label. Flies are often an underestimated menace to cattle producers and can significantly impact the well-being and economic value of the herd. Flies interrupt grazing and can reduce weight gain. In fact, horn flies can reduce yearlings' weights by up to 18%.¹ Up to $68/head can be lost due to overpopulation of flies, and a total industry loss of $1 billion for the entire United States.² No producer wants to lose money, especially when there is a solution to the problem.² Beyond economics, flies impact cattle comfort and health and cause: Agitation Itching Disease transmission These impacts can reduce weight gain and milk production, making fly control ear tags an important part of a target control point fly mitigation and management program. Elanco offers customized parasite solutions to control flies and a product line that fits with integrated rotation management (IRM) programs for all production styles.

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