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Hamer’s Hot Ones premium grade hardwood pellet fuel is made from the finest verified sustainable pure Appalachian hardwood sawdust. The Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) set up various standards for each class of pellets years ago with Premium Grade being the toughest to meet. We go to great lengths to produce a consistently clean and hot burning pellet that keeps our customers satisfied and warm throughout the cold months of the year. We stand behind our product and take great pride in putting our name on every bag.

Quality Control

Our products are made out of Appalachian hardwood sawdust that comes from the daily operations of our family owned sawmills and other clean, sustainable local supply sources. Hamer takes great care to use only clean hardwood dust that has not touched the ground. The dust is collected and transported in special dust trailers that protect the dust on the road to the plant insuring superior quality.

Our dust is dried and compressed, using no binders. Some competitors add products to the process to decrease their production costs but Hamer’s is 100% hardwood and all natural. This makes for a pure, clean burning fuel and an environmentally friendly product with extremely low emissions and very little ash.

On Site Lab Testing

The hands-on involvement from our Hamer saw mills and our testing procedures allow us to set high quality control standards. We have an unmatched, rigorous testing program to further ensure a consistent high quality fuel besides testing the raw materials. We test our pellets for ash and fines content every 5th ton produced at our onsite lab and make sure our product meets or exceeds premium grade standards. Our pellet fuel puts out a lot of heat at an impressively high BTU rate. In fact, when we started the business and asked retailers how they liked our pellet fuel, they said they burn hotter than our competitors. That’s why we named our pellet fuel Hamer’s Hot Ones.

Protective Automated Packaging

Our high tech pellet plant includes an automated bag line fitted with a robot stacker and an automated hooder machine that provides evenly stacked and uniform packaging which makes a great presentation even after transporting to the retailer. Every ton is secured by a thick elastic UV-protected hooder bag ensuring clean, safe and stable transportation of our pellets to dealers. The packaging on our 40 pound bags has UV protection and is easy to handle for retailers and customers alike. Even though we have thick hooder bags to protect our pellet fuel in transit, we still recommend you keep the pellets in a dry, protected area for best results.

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