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An all around outdoor soil conditioner of medium quality made by screening natural loamy topsoil. Use as a top dressing to fill low areas, for patching and seeding lawns, as a garden mulch, etc. A screened compost enriched soil prepared from top quality loam with humus added to help soil hold extra moisture.
Tree & Shrub plantings – Dig hole twice the diameter of the root ball. Dig deep enough so that 1/8″ of the root ball sits above existing grade. Make a planting mixture of equal parts topsoil, humus, and composted manure. Add 5-6″ to the hole. Set plant in hole at desired depth leaving 1/8″ of the root ball sitting above grade. Fill remainder of hole with mixture. Can mulch at top 2-3″.
New Lawns & Patching – Bring subsoil to desired grade. Filling in low spots. Cultivate subsoil to a minimum depth of 2″. This permits bonding of Mr. Garden topsoil to the subsoil. Add 2-3″ of Mr. Garden topsoil. Broadcast seed & rake in thoroughly. Soak with a fine spray. Keep moist until grass reaches desired height.
Outdoor Planters – For outdoor use, mix 1/3 topsoil with 2/3 potting soil. For indoors use, just use potting soil
Top Dressing Lawns – Rake thoroughly. Remove any foreign matter. Broadcast Mr. Garden topsoil w/ a shovel or spreader to a depth of 1/3-3/4″, using more topsoil for low areas.
Refer to the product label for more specific instructions.

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