Surreal Oak Planters


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Built from actual oak log molds, our lightweight planters are designed with a dimensional bark finish that looks rough and rugged so much so that it has an absolutely real look and feel.

Available in Horizontals, Verticals, Bowls and Vases

OH-11 Surreal 11" Oak Horizontal Planter 11" Long x 5.5" Diameter NO
OH-16 Surreal 16" Oak Horizontal Planter 16.5" Long x 9" Diameter YES
OV-6 Surreal 6" Oak Vertical Planter 6" Tall x 5.5" OD x 4.5" ID NO
OV-9 Surreal 9" Oak Vertical Planter 9" Tall x 10" OD x 9" ID YES
OV-12 Surreal 12" Oak Vertical Planter 12" Tall x 12" OD x 10.5" ID YES
OS-9 Surreal 9" Oak Succulent Bowl 3" Tall x 10.5" OD x 8.5" ID NO
OS-13 Surreal 13" Oak Succulent Bowl 4" Tall x 13.5" OD x 11.5" ID NO
OVS-12 Surreal 12" Oak Vase 12" Tall x 6" OD x 5" ID NO
O-90-Cooler Surreal Oak Stump Cooler 23.5" Tall x 22" OD x 20" ID YES (Drain Valve)

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