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  • YAYA TICK BAN All-Natural Tick Repellent


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    • All-Natural, Plant-Based
    • DEET-free
    • Insect-Specific for Targeted Performance
    • Made with a special blend of essential oils that people love & ticks hate including Cedar, Peppermint, Thyme, Geranium, Lemongrass and more!
    • Safe for the Whole Family, including Dogs (when used as directed)
    • Also Repels Fleas!
    • Non-greasy Formula, Effective on Skin & Clothing
    • Fresh, Uplifting "Woodsy" Scent
    • Convenient 4 oz Spray Bottle 
    • Easy “Shake and Spray” Application, Convenient 4 oz bottle for "on-the-go!"
    DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL! Spray generously from head to toe, especially on the lower body. Avoid face. Reapply as needed. Product may be applied to skin & clothing. Safe for children and dogs, when used as directed. Not recommended for cats. Store out of direct sunlight. Do not swallow. Consult a physician if pregnant. Discontinue if skin becomes irritated. Keep out of reach of children.

    INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Soybean oil, Castor oil, Cedarwood oil, Peppermint oil, Rosemary oil, Rose Geranium oil  Lemongrass oil, Thyme oil

    Inert Ingredients: water

    TICK BAN qualifies for exemption from registration with the EPA under FIFRA-25B.