Nano Pro MT Penetrating Lubricant 11 Oz

Nano Pro MT Penetrating Lubricant 11 Oz


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Nano Pro MT Penetrating Lubricant is the only non-flammable rated Penetrating Lubricant on the market with Nanotechnology. It’s Nanoscale additives will penetrate and break the rustiest of bolts saving you both time and money while leaving behind a corrosion fighting Nanoscale lubricant. If this won’t break it loose get a torch.

Foaming action – stays where it sprays. No dripping mess.
VOC compliant with no noxious odors.
Works faster-dissolving rust and penetrating deeper into the metal to get the job done.
Protects against corrosion and rust at the Nano level.
Reduces friction to extraordinarily low levels to reduce wear and improve efficiency.
Penetrates deeply to break friction welds.
Resistant to moisture and chemicals.
Cuts through grease.
Excellent penetration and creep properties. Works great on locks, rusted nuts, bolts, and sliding mechanisms.

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